Women's Health, Pregnancy and Birth

Have you struggled to recover from the birth of your child? Do you suffer from PMS and period pain? Do you find sexual intercourse painful? Are you embarrassed and your life limited and debilitated by incontinence? Are you struggling to conceive? Do you develop sore and tender breasts in your cycle? Migraines?

Each of these problems has a mechanical strain pattern that contributes to the dysfunction. Consequently, osteopathy and chiropractic can and has helped many women with these kinds of complaints. There is no particularly complex explanation for these problems - simply put, if the structure is strained, the function will be compromised.

At CSO we have been caring for mums and their progeny for nearly three decades. What's really sweet is that many of those babies have come back to see us, pregnant themselves!

Osteopathy and chiropractic assists pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and post natal care by ensuring that the structures of the body that influence the mechanics of the pelvis and the growing fetus are stable, symmetrical, adaptable and mobile.

Conception requires optimal nutrition, free flow of blood, ova, sperm. Of course, any strains that affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix and pelvic floor will have a direct affect upon the processes of conception, gestation and birth.

We like to see women once a month from Week 7 until week 34 then weekly until the birth. After birth, we like to see you after a week or ten days. If you’re not sleeping and in pain, come as soon as you can get to us.

Quality of sleep is our best measure.

Post natal osteopathic care concentrates on achieving good supply and mobility of the upper thorax, to supply the breasts, the lumbar spine and the external pelvic floor itself.  We do not encourage pelvic floor contraction as a stand alone therapy until we have resolved the birth-induced strain in the pelvic floor. We have seen that many problems post-partum, such as incontinence, dyspareunia and postnatal mood disorder, can be related to unresolved pain, strains and subsequent insomnia. It’s not just the infant who is keeping you awake - its strain and pain. You can't sleep if every time you turn, your body complains.

Most of our referrals come from midwives and previous patients, because we do the job. We help women through the pregnancy and post natally. It's a privilege.

If you need to know more, don't hesitate to call us and have chat about your unique situation.