Chiropractor Marrickville

Are you suffering from Back Pain? How a Chiropractor near Marrickville Can Help

If you are interested in seeing a chiropractor, you can count yourself among good company. It is estimated that in Australia, over 200,000 visits to the chiropractor are made each week by people from various walks of life. Many people suffering from back pain choose Chiropractic as an alternative form of relief to potentially harmful or habit-forming medications, while others make appointments to treat a host of chronic conditions ranging from headaches to numb hands or feet. To schedule a visit with a chiropractor near Marrickville, you can contact Central Sydney Osteopathy to find out more.

At our warm and friendly clinic, our sincere and honest team of practitioners dedicate themselves to helping you feel your best. When you visit our chiropractor at our Marrickville-area practice for back pain, you will have the chance to speak with a person who truly listens and will respond to your specific needs. At your initial visit, the chiropractor will ask you questions about your health history and conduct an examination, focusing primarily on your spine. After establishing this baseline, your chiropractor will be able to provide targeted treatment tailored to your particular condition or concerns.

Central Sydney Osteopathy is a leading and well-established clinic for Chiropractic, Osteopathy and other complementary forms of treatment, such as acupuncture and remedial massage. For nearly 30 years, we have efficiently and safely helped tens of thousands of Australians achieve a better sense of wellness. If you are curious about how seeing a chiropractor near Marrickville may be able to help you do the same, be sure to contact us today for your first consultation.