Getting Older with Style

Getting Older, Becoming Venerable.

As we age, the key to good health is, very simply, your mobility, your own independence, and your balance. Nothing keeps you happy and healthy like the ability to perform the required activities of daily living independently, to dress yourself, feed yourself, work, walk, play bowls, golf, cycle or shop, travel or garden. 

At CSO we enjoy offering care to many people right up to their 90’s who swear that the regular care they receive at the hands of our practitioners has kept them active and in their own home. Balance and mobility naturally diminish as we age, but much of that is due to a lack of intelligent, effective care. 

It’s a miracle that we humans can balance and move on two legs, even as youngsters. To keep upright as we age we need to keep our centre of gravity pretty much where it should be; we need to keep the leg, abdominal and low back muscles responsive and strong and the spine flexible upright and appropriately aligned. 

Those patients who test their bodies with sports such as bowls and golf report great improvement in their game... as is expected. That ball or bowl will hit its target better when the body itself is balanced.

So, yes, we recommend at least a monthly treatment of massage, or osteopathy or chiropractic; we recommend to you pleasure and moderation in food and drink, a daily walk, swinging both arms and breathing deeply, tai chi, yoga… and a good laugh at life.