Remedial Massage Marrickville

How Therapeutic Remedial Massage Available Near Marrickville Can Help with Pain

Some people enjoy receiving a relaxing massage as a way to unwind and reduce stress. While this is certainly helpful for many individuals, there are also many ways that massage can have therapeutic benefits for those dealing with chronic muscle tension or other forms of pain. This kind of treatment, known as remedial massage, is available for Marrickville residents through Central Sydney Osteopathy, a well-known and trusted clinic located in nearby Stanmore.

Since 1989, our friendly and professional staff has provided remedial massage in the Marrickville area, in addition to other services, including Chiropractic and Osteopathy. Over the past nearly 30 years, we have seen the children of our patients grow up, with many of them now returning for remedial massage and other forms of treatment with kids of their own. Others have referred their friends or other family members, allowing our practice to expand and grow into the well-established clinic it has become in the Inner West Sydney area.

Our main point of difference lies in the wide variety of treatment options we provide and the fact that our highly-trained staff listen carefully to your individual needs. When you visit us for a session of remedial massage at our Marrickville-area clinic, you will be able to express your concerns and provide feedback, allowing us to tailor your treatment for the best possible results.

If your chronic pain is getting the best of you, isn’t it time you tried a safe and effective method of treatment, backed by evidence and research? Contact Central Sydney Osteopathy today to find out how remedial massage may be able to help.