Your First Visit

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Your first consultation will involve a lot of active listening, integral to the taking of an extensive medical history and physical assessment.

You can expect that your practitioner will explain to you what he or she considers is at the core of your problem, what treatment she or he intends to offer, and to outline your treatment plan. In accordance with modern ‘best practice’, your practitioner will seek for your informed consent.

All practitioners at Central Sydney Osteopathy are proficient in the various modalities of osteopathy and chiropractic and remedial massage - joint mobilisation, muscle energy technique, dry needling, cranio-sacral, myofascial release and counterstrain. We also have our own particular interests and passions, such as senior care, women's health, paediatrics, sports medicine, rehabilitation and fertility management.

At Central Sydney Osteopathy, unless your condition requires immediate referral to another type of healthcare provider, a standard, complete treatment is always offered on the first visit.

Get 15% off your first visit!

This includes:

  • A face-to-face 40 minute consultation
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Meaningful diagnosis and explanation, with no obfuscation or sales pitch
  • A realistic and affordable treatment plan
  • Referral to another health care professional such as a GP, when needed
  • Hands-on treatment and sensible advice in that first visit
  • This commitment is applicable to osteopathy, chiropractic, remedial massage and acupuncture

We are proud to claim a one hundred per cent safety record at Central Sydney Osteopathy.